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Introducing #CintaFamilia Beauty of the Month: Gabriela Tena!

One of our favourite #CintaFamilia babes, stylist Gabriela Tena, talks style inspo, tips and favourite ways to style her Cinta pieces! Read her tips on timelessly styling Cinta outfits and click on the link below to shop our styles now! Where do you find your style inspo? Gabriela: My Mom and my Grandmas on both sides. They are Chic QUEENS and I’ve been getting my inspo from them since I was 5 years old. What brands are you loving at the moment? Gabriela: Cinta duh! 16 Arlington, Vivetta, Cult Gaia, Rotate Birger Christensen, Inch2, Midnight 00, Monse Maison, Amina Muaddi, And Nervi Milano.  What first caught your attention about Cinta? Gabriela: Beautiful silhouettes and silk! Which Cinta styles are you loving the most?...

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